Cheap and Easy Website Builder | 8b Review 2022

Nowadays, websites are considered an essential part of the business, but business owners can't create a website for themselves because the website building process requires knowledge of coding. Website builders help to create websites, especially for people who don’t have the knowledge of creating websites.

Cheap and Easy Website Builder

There are a lot of cheap and easy website builders available on the internet with various features, but 8b website builder is the most attractive and cheapest as compared to others. It is easy to use and build the website quickly with this tool.

Website builders are an excellent tool for creating trending and advanced features that let you allow you to create a website as per your requirements. It takes only a few hours from sign up to finalize the whole process.

What Is The 8b Website Builder?

8b is a browser-based tool used to build the website without even basic knowledge of coding required for building sites. 8b offers its services of website building without cost, but if you want some advanced features, you have to pay nominal charges for it.

This website builder offers its users with a bunch of attractive and trending templates along with a variety of sections for adding more content to your website. 8b cheap and easy website builder is an excellent option for building mobile responsive websites that are required for effective SEO.

8b allows its users to create a website even by using their mobile phones or other portable devices. Even you don’t have a need to spend the amount on purchase of domain name because 8b also offers free domain name with SSL certificate for its users without any cost but with an 8b extension.

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Furthermore, you can connect another domain with this cheap and easy website builder if you don’t want a domain name with an 8b extension. 8b also provides a free SSL certificate for your custom domain name.

However, if you are looking to create a website for advanced projects like a corporate website, online portfolio, a membership website, marketplace, or discussion forums, then 8b is not the right tool to create the website. Other than the mentioned projects, 8b is the best way to get the desired results easily and quickly.

Furthermore, the websites build with 8b website builders are based on Google AMP (accelerated mobile pages). It is an open-source HTML framework that is used to load website pages quickly that is beneficial for improving the website speed, especially on mobile devices.

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How To Create A Website For Free?

There are some steps that you need to follow to create a website free of cost.

Sign Up

In the first step, you need to create the account by using your email id from the sign-up option and verify the email sent by 8b in your inbox. It doesn’t require any payment or credit card information to complete the process.

Select A Template

The second step is to select a template for your website, depending on the purpose and trends you want to follow on your website. 8b offers a wide variety of templates for its users irrespective of the industry you are dealing with. All the templates hold the feature of mobile-friendliness.

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Design Your Website

After the selection of a template for your website, you can customize the design of the website as per your needs and requirements. 8b allows its users to customize the site in terms of visual looks and make your website attractive to visitors. At this step, you can make your website a masterpiece.

All you need is to select the sections with the help of a double click, which you want to customize, and you don’t have a need to download any section separately.

8b allows the users to play as much as they can for the designing of the website in terms of colors, fonts, backgrounds, texts, images, and many other elements. You can provide an inspiring look to your site with this builder.

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Publish The Website

After customization of the site in terms of style and design, the final step is to publish the website by just hitting the publish button. As your website published, it is available for users from around the world.

Starter Pricing Plan – Cheap And Easy One

As we mentioned earlier, this platform is free to use for everyone, but it has some limitations. For example, you can connect your custom domain only if you are the subscription of a starter plan of 8b.

Otherwise, you have to use the domain name with the 8b cheap and easy website builder. But you can get a free SSL certificate in both conditions.

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You are also capable of getting some other features in a paid subscription like the export of website, adding unlimited pages on your website, and get all the services without Ads. In the free plan, users have to watch the ads placed by 8b on your website.

But the charges of 8b subscriptions are nominal that you can pay easily. It will cost you only 1.58$ per month that is nothing to get that fantastic services.

8b Benefits

As we mentioned above, the website is an essential factor in making your business successful. Hiring a professional web developer is much costly. This tool helps to create a cost-effective website without basic knowledge of website development.

Furthermore, the following is the list of benefits of using the 8b cheap and easy website builder.

  • This tool allows the users to easily create a different section of websites with the help of drag and drop features and make their site attractive.
  • The websites build with this tool are based on AMP that is a significant advantage for SEO purposes and allow the visitors to scroll over the site quickly by using different devices.
  • It helps to create the website as per modern requirements, this tool comes with a variety of modern templates and allows the users to select as per their requirements.
  • Customization of the website as per needs is straightforward and effective to make the appearance of the site better.


8b is a perfect tool to build the website as per your requirements quickly and efficiently, which is usually not provided by other website builders.

This tool is ideal for small business owners who don’t want to spend a considerable amount of website building. They can create a website in nominal charges even if they subscribe to paid services.

Therefore, we recommend you to go for 8b website builder if you want to grow your business rapidly.

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