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HTML5 is offering web designers new features and technology to handle different browsers. One of the aspects of HTML5 is HTML5 Video. Designers used to need third parties to play videos, but with the use of HTML5, the options have increased.

Media Types

Flash media player was not able to work with many browsers and the quality retention is less than par. However, with HTML5, you can play various video types, including MP4, WebM, and Ogg.

Supported Browsers

Browsers had trouble running .flv videos, but with the ability to play different media types, HTML5 opens up opportunities for different browsers. HTML5 Video is not available before Internet Explorer 9, but it runs on Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9. Firefox, Chrome, and Opera can run both WebM and Ogg files, while MP4s can be run on Safari and Internet Explorer 9.

Simplify Embedding

As mentioned earlier, the biggest benefit to using HTML5 Video is the elimination of third party players. In order to play a video, you will only need a simple <video> tag to embed it into your site. Because it is still a new language and technology, there are codes you can add that will allow for a fallback if the video does not play. This will send it to a Flash player so the audience can still see what you want.

Copy the code generated by an EasyHTML5Video application to your web page

You can test your video on a 'eh5v-howto.html' page and then add it to your web page

HTML5 gives you the ability to have videos watched easily on Apple devices, and other phones that do not support Flash. With the ability to play MP4 videos, your audience reach expands greatly, especially since many users are turning to mobile devices for browsing the Internet. Many more things can be done with HTML5 Video once you have a good software for this. EasyHTML5Video is a great HTML5 video generator.

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