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With every iteration of HTML standard there comes fixes and improvements that lead to a much smoother browsing experience. On the user end of things, the new HTML 5 standards help improve system performance as well as compatibility. While everyday users will take for granted that developers are working hard behind the scene to make these new features possible, there is another subset of people working hard to make it easier for developers to work.

Until this day, developers are still tweaking and coming up with ‘hacks’ to make their creations the best of the best. This includes every little thing from a navigation bar to a web-based video game. The amount of work can often be tremendous and detail-oriented developers will toil day and night to get every single little tag to be proper and in the right place.

Create an awesome HTML video using the EasyHtml5Video software

Create an awesome HTML video using the EasyHtml5Video software

So when there’s a tool that can essentially automate such task, it’s a no brainer that developers should at least consider using. One such tool is a free software called the Easy HTML5 Video, which basically a 3-step drag and drop tool that converts any video to HTML5. Prior to such tool becoming available, developers will have to convert each video into HTML5-compatible format and write a bunch of codes to get things to work. Add on the fact that developers will also have to add fallback codes to enable Flash versions (in case the user’s browser doesn’t support HTML5), and we can all see that the whole process may probably involve more work than it should.

The beautiful thing about Easy HTML 5 Video is it generates all the codes so developers don’t have to. For more information about the software, check out the official webpage here.

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