Streaming HTML5 video

The revolution of HTML5 is an exciting web developers and designers from all around the world. The latest specifications support dozens of attributes and elements for building high quality websites. Some of the newest features of HTML5 include tags to assist with the structure of your web page, such as article and section and multimedia tags for helping you in adding video and audio formats.

In the past years, Flash-based media players were sufficient for streaming videos on the Web. However, the advancement of modern standards has resulted in the inclusion of HTML5 video, which opens doors for several new opportunities.

HTML5 is the first version which is providing a standard method to embed video by using the video tag. As it can be embedded in the browser directly, so now there is no need of third party plug-in, such as Silverlight and Flash. HTML5 video has created unique and new ways for creating interactivity between the video, the user, and other page elements.

By the use of HTML 5 video tag, it is easy to add video to Web pages. However, although it appears easy on the surface, still there are many things that you should understand to get the video up and running. If you want to use HTML5 video on your website, then the first step is to choose a codec or codecs that you will use. Currently, there are three codecs that support HTML5:

• WebM

• Ogg/Theora

• H.264 or MP4

While you are selecting codecs for encoding your video, then it is necessary to keep in mind that who will view your videos and the devices that can be used to view them.

HTML Video Browsers Support

The support for the HTML video tag is evolving constantly. HTML video is not supported by every browser and the browser which supports HTML5 needs a different video format. Some browsers, such as Internet Explorer versions do not support HTML5 videos and require flash video.

According to the latest data, more than 80 percent of the market supports HTML5 video. However, Internet Explorer 8 is the leading non-HTML5 browser on the desktop, whereas the non-HTML line on mobile mainly comprises of proxy browsers, such as Nokia Xpress, UC Browsers and Opera Mini. One of the best HTML video generators is EasyHTML5Video, which helps you in generating HTML video easily. The best thing about EasyHTML5Video is that it is completely free for non-commercial use. All you have to do is to visit and download this amazing HTML video generator and enjoy the maximum benefits from it.

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