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The world is a dynamic place, and as such, every living thing within exhibits some form of dynamism. There was a time when there was no internet, and it’s amazing when you try to imagine how life was without the internet. The internet came and revolutionized the dissemination of data and information, and then search engines were created to make life easy. Soon businesses and individuals alike began to see the need to be part of this revolution, hence the need to optimize their websites to rank tops on search engines. But the revolution did not just stop there, to own a website; you were either a backend programmer or had to employ the services of one. However, even web designs have evolved, now there are “Do It Yourself” platforms where you can easily create your website by just dragging and dropping elements, one of such platforms is “Mobirise Website Builder.”

Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise Website Builder is a free offline web creator that allows for the creation of websites, using a front-end framework. This invariably means you can create a website without being tech-savvy.

premade website templates builder

The website builder runs on the Android, Windows and macOS platforms and does not need the user going to a school for programming to learn how to code, all that is required of the user is knowing what suitable elements they need to drag and drop, with minor text edits according to taste. It is suitable for creating landing pages, startups, promo websites, small businesses, and entrepreneurs etc. who are looking to carve a niche for themselves on the internet.

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Here are some features of Mobirise Website Builder:


Mobirise definitely leads the pack as a simple website builder; the simplicity is second to none. The graphical interface is easy to navigate, to use, and it is also very functional. The drag and drop feature adds more simplicity to the already simple builder. All users need to do is know what the structure of their website should look like, then drag and drop elements to fill the site with the user-required contents. It is that simple!


Mobirise website builder lets you create your website using blocks (or themes, or premade website templates) that come in various designs. These blocks are modern, responsive and have uniqueness about them that differentiate them from each other, and this is as regards their functionality; functionalities like forms, headers, sliders, contents, galleries, color, background etc. are reflected differently in each block. Furthermore, users have the ability to adjust the elements contained within a block to suit their requirements. Users can toggle between smartphone, tablet and desktop view, to know how responsive the website will look across these three platforms.


As far as Mobirise is concerned, the builder is very functional. The moment the user sees the dashboard, that eagerness and inspiration to begin creating comes. There is so much simplicity to the dashboard as with the builder itself; it contains the blocks panel where you will find every type of block, visual editor and settings menu.

website builder kit

Here’s a breakdown of the dashboard components in order of appearance:

  • Pages – This where page adjustments are carried out, including adding new pages, URL adjustments, appropriate search engine optimization settings for the different pages.
  • Menu – There are two different menu formats to pick from.
  • Intro – Users can choose from 9 different headers, and included with these headers are a variation of slogans, titles, images, sliders and videos.
  • Sliders – There are different types of galleries and sliders to pick from.
  • Features – This helps the user know suitable blocks that match the user’s requirements.
  • Media – This helps the user to add images and videos to their website.
  • Article – Users can select from the blocks, to enable article compositions. These blocks contain texts, sliders, columns, titles, images, maps, videos etc.
  • Info – This block helps users create information-specific services.
  • Testimonials – With these blocks, which come in different designs, visitors to a user’s website can drop their reviews about a product, service or the website itself.
  • Social – This enables the user add follow/share blocks of the users' social media accounts.
  • Pricing tables – Peradventure it is an e-commerce site, the user can select from different blocks to show the prices of his products or services.
  • Forms – Basically for newsletters and follow-ups.
  • Maps – Users can integrate google maps on their website.
  • Footers – Users can pick from four different designs, the one that best suits their requirements.

Using premade website templates, you basically build your website by dragging any of the blocks mentioned above to the different pages of your website as you gradually build content. Also the contents of these blocks are customizable. There are also free extensions you can add to make your website livelier. Extensions like; Twitter feeds, Soundcloud, Google Analytics, Cookies Alert, Dropdown Menu and Facebook Comments.


If you are looking to run a resort, hotel, or apartment, the HotelM4 is the premium theme for you.

hotel site template

The Hotel M4 HTML Bootstrap template has really beautiful blocks and as all Mobirise premade website templates, it is responsive. Users can create forms for customers to book reservations, along with the other basic features. User blocks are interchangeable between projects and it is compatible with Mobirise 4 premade website templates.


Do you intend to have an online version of your physical store? Or you just want to start an online store, whatever the case may be, the CommerceM4 theme will help you set up a nice responsive eCommerce store with added features like: pricing tables, shops, teams, countdowns and accordions.

bootstrap ecommerce template

There are also different payout options. This is a premium Bootstrap 4 Template and it is also compatible with Mobirise 4 themes.


Do you own a restaurant or café? It is advisable you get this premium theme.

restaurant html template

The theme comes with 40+ blocks, section to input working hours, a fullscreen navbar block and other amazing features. The theme is compatible Mobirise 4 premade website templates, hence interchangeability of user blocks between projects is possible.


Another lovely eCommerce theme with 80+ blocks and it also has special eCommerce blocks.

online store template

The theme is as functional as possible and as other M4 premade website templates, it's compatible with Mobirise 4 Bootstrap Templates.


After creating your website, you can pay for a hosting subscription (sadly Mobirise does not have that feature, perhaps they will consider the possibility) next is to publish and go live, Mobirise offers three options for publishing: via Local drive, FTP server or Google drive.

Generally, it is a really wonderful platform, they just need to add a hosting solution and give users more extensions.

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