How to Make Website

At the present day, you probably have a website or the opportunity to make your own website for free. There are lots of website builders with as many various possible features as we could wish. These days are more focused on the quality of our websites. Is our website attractive, responsive and fast enough to compete with others out there? This is one of the questions we ask ourselves while working our sites.

In order to keep up the pace, we always look for new modern solutions and learn more about current web trends. One of those is AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages.

This is a project of Google that lets web pages load instantly on mobile devices.

how to make website

There are some reasons why people choose AMP for their websites. As far as the load speed of the website is concerned, nothing can overtop AMP Pages. They are twice as fast as regular HTML pages. AMP Pages look simple yet attractive, especially on mobile devices. They deliver the best possible mobile user-experience rather than other sites created with usual HTML. And one of the most important things that AMP features is its responsiveness. Websites built with AMP resize and accommodate to every device screen automatically.

What is AMP? AMP is a really awesome feature, but there are not that many site builders that are able to provide services to make your own website for free with AMP. One of the web design tools that have this feature is AMP Site Builder.

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How does it work?

To be more precise, AMP Pages are based on AMP HTML, AMP JS and AMP Cache. We should know them to be able to code our AMP Page manually. There are rules we should keep to build valid AMP Pages. To learn all of it, we have to have more time.

AMP Site Builder is similar to 8b web builder is the appropriate tool in case we don’t have or don’t want to spend our time to learn AMP. AMP Website Builder lets you figure out how to make your own free website without a need to code. If you wonder how to make website, first of all, download and install this software. It’s free to use and fast to set up. Once the application’s open, name your project and choose one of the AMP themes from the themes list.

make your own website for free

Now you can start building your super fast website. Just drag and drop site sections from the panel of the AMP page template on your blank page and order them. Use parameters of each block to design them: exchange backgrounds, show or hide elements, control their number and so on. Click on text wherever you want to edit it like in a regular text editor. When you click on images or videos, you can easily change them to yours. Have more control over the style of your website using Site Styles Panel. Here you can add new fonts, set link colors, add a scroll-to-top button or an on-scroll animation.

After everything is finished, just publish your page on a local folder, to your FTP server or to a free developer hosting Github Pages. AMP Website Builder doesn’t offer hosting services, so you’re free to pick every hosting platform you wish.

What are the benefits?

There are many advantages to mention when it comes to using AMP Page Builder. The first one: it’s free to use. You can choose a free AMP landing page template and you will be able to make your own website for free. AMP Page Builder is so easy to utilize because it features Drag and Drop and doesn’t require any coding knowledge or experience.

how to make website

As said above, there are a lot of advantages in comparison to usual HTML pages. Web pages created with AMP Site Builder are completely responsive and mobile-friendly. They load almost instantly which is a sign of a better visitor experience. Since these pages are meant to be viewed on smartphones, they provide an outstanding mobile look and feel. And one more thing: AMP Pages are fully Google-friendly - these pages can easily get into Google news. This is one of the reasons to use them for news websites or blogs.

make your own website for free

Any software has its flaws and Website Builder is not an exception. Since AMP is a restricted form of HTML, there can be implemented things we can do with HTML5 or Bootstrap. But it doesn’t affect our pages anyways. It is the answer on how to make website, but AMP Website Builder doesn’t provide a hosting, but as mentioned above we can turn it into an advantage.

Final words

Looking at the pluses listed above, we can’t deny the fact that AMP Site Builder is a really useful and effective tool for creating websites. Since it’s free, you can’t miss the opportunity to try it out and make your own website for free with this powerful website builder.

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