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Q: I am considering purchasing the licensed version of EasyHTML5video but am having issues with the free version so far.

Following the instructions I am not able to open the published index.html file in a text editor (renamed to my movie title). I am running Mac OS 10.8.5.

If I open the file in a browser the movie window is present and plays. In Firefox I right click the page to "Inspect Element" which opens an html editor or "View Page Source" both of which appear to display the proper code needed to add to my website html editor. However, when I copy and paste the code into my webpage editor the video area is grayed out with the message "No video with supported format and MIME type found." When publishing in Easy HTML5video I selected to upload directly to my ftp. When
opening the index.html file (renamed to my movie title) from the ftp in any browser the movie plays and the path displays my ftp as the path.

A: Firefox browser plays video in .webm format. So, make sure that you uploaded .webm file on your server.

* If you use Apache server, make sure that you uploaded .htaccess file generated with EasyHTML5Video on your server.

* If you use Windows server, please use instruction below:


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