Why webm to mp4 converter free download doesn't play in FireFox?

Q: Downloaded your trial version and it does not seem to play on fire fox V19.0.
However it did play on all the other browsers and on the iphone. I do not have an android so I cannot check it. Please let me know what the problem is I'm interested in purchasing somebody's html5 video generator.

A: Actually, different browsers play different format video. For example, Firefox browser
plays video in .webm format. So, make sure that you uploaded .webm file on your server.

* If you use Apache server, make sure that you uploaded .htaccess file generated with
EasyHTML5Video on your server.

* If you use Windows server, please use instruction below:


  1. MIKE | March 22, 2013

    Hi, I cannot get HTML5 to play on IE9 remotely from a Windows 2000 server. It works fine with Safari browser. please help!

  2. EasyHTML5Video | March 27, 2013


    Please contact with customer support. Provide us a direct link to your webpage with a problem.


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