Brand Website Layout Template - Review

Mobirise is an ingenious innovation and a great product which captures the interest of web enthusiastic newbies as an ideal starting opportunity to creating websites. It also serves as an effective tool for pro web designers involved with AMP HTML.

Website Layout Template

Latest Web Design Trends

Web design trends have become a vital factor worthy of consideration as it largely determines if you’ll remain in business or shake down and out of the market by more dynamic competitors due to outdated designs. It is imperative to note that web designs are constantly evolving owing largely to the dynamic trends of society.

Here are some trends to further buttress the aforementioned points:

Responsive Design

The trending designs for all internet-enabled devices are being optimized to be responsive to all kinds of device, this includes mobile devices with different operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows OS. Owing to the rise in the use of mobile devices of all shapes and sizes it's important to create highly responsive designs to be compatible with these devices especially mobile devices. The need to ensure that web designs are responsive to different mobile screen sizes is optimally paramount.

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Google's mobile-first standards

Google would preferentially employ the use of the mobile version of the content for ranking and indexing.

Google index picks AMP-powered websites and ranks them first on Google.

Desktop versions of the contents tend to rank lower when evaluating the relevance of a page to a user's query.

How does AMP work?

AMP runs open-source framework because of the need to build a tightly integrated and optimized experience for users.

The AMP HTML is fundamentally HTML with a number of restrictions for reliable performance. It is powered by the 3 components already mentioned -AMP HTML, AMP JS, and AMP Cache. AMP pages load roughly 4x faster than standard web pages and users can engage 35% more with AMP pages also compared to standard mobile web pages.

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The AMP open-source project is easily executable, puts the user first in web page design and well documented. The median time that an AMP page takes to load is less than half a second from Google search.

Mobirise and its AMP themes

Mobirise AMP is a mobile-friendly offline app used for creating websites for various online activities such a blog spots, e-commerce websites, information or business pages, to mention but a few. Mobirise AMP website builder ensures a seamless website building process. All you need do is drag and drop website layout template blocks of AMP HTML into favorable positions. AMP websites also load much faster and cleaner for users of mobile devices. There are free Bootstrap templates specially designed for different industries, some of which include the Black AMP HTML theme, Event AMP Theme, Architect AMP Theme etc.

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Brand AMP theme

The all new Brand AMP theme from Mobrise is specially designed to fit into the ever-dynamic needs of business and e-commerce websites as its name implies. It meets the needs of a growing number of Mobrise e-commerce users clamoring for a dedicated AMP theme targeted towards the growing needs of non-technically savvy e-commerce business owners as well as professional website builders within online business spheres.

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Thanks to its vibrant color selections, adjustable fonts, and adjustable website blocks, the Brand AMP website layout template enables you to advertise your products as well as capture the flailing attention of your prospective customers with its highly graphical outlook. It is also packed with blocks of attractive call to action tabs, located at conspicuous areas of your website. You can finally display your products online while ensuring that your brand’s identity remains deeply ingrained in the minds of your customers ensuring long-term buyer-seller relationships.

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The website blocks of the website layout template include Menus, Content, Toggles, Social, Image, Header, Features, Lightbox images, Forms etc. As is the case with most Mobrise AMP themes, you can switch colors, the transparency of blocks, create your brand’s history and switch multiple background images on the new Brand AMP theme. You can also toggle icon sizes and switch fonts to further endear your customers. The Brand AMP is indeed a well-detailed answer to the requirements of e-commerce business owners and professionals alike.

Other amazing features of the Brand AMP Website Layout Template include a very interactive block for Testimonials and Team, this guarantees that buyers will be convinced to buy more of your goods and services if you have good reviews and testimonials on your page. Social follow which is also a part of the website layout template allows you to keep in contact with your customer base on virtually all social media networks and from just one station.

In a time when Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) seem to be making their way into e-commerce, the video block on the Mobirise website could not have been more well-timed and positioned.


  • Website traffic of AMP pages leads to a 10% increase with 2 times increase in time spent on page. E-commerce websites using AMP an increase in sales and conversion rate of 20% compared to non-AMP pages.
  • AMP supports integration with 3rd party publishing platform to give the users the best and to enable fast delivery web pages.
  • AMP, in fact, does support a good number of networks and ad servers and even the faster more secure AMP HTML ads.


Considering the liberty in design, the smoothness of functionality associated with the BrandAMP theme, it makes it a perfect option for creativity and speed.