Does your firefox html5 video converter create a flash player fallback version of video?

Q: What about old browsers that do not support the new HTML5 Video?

A: Since v1.5, Easy HTML5 Video allows you to add flash version of video with flash player, that will play in all old browsers with no HTML5 support, letting your website visitors watch your video in any browser.

HTML5 video support is an amazing new tool for streaming of video content online, embraced by both individual webmasters and the hugely popular video upload websites like YouTube. There seems to be a consensus among the majority of Internet experts that HTML5 video is vastly superior to all other forms of video playback for online content, such as Flash. It is incredibly functional, much more versatile, uses less memory resources and handles better quality videos, but despite all these great features, many sites still prefer to only use flash video.

As an increasing number of HTML5 video embeds are being implemented on the web day by day, it becomes more and more apparent that what we are currently witnessing is the web crossing the line between outdated technology and the new generation platforms of the future. But before the whole Internet can get over this process and put both legs firmly on the other side of this line, all browsers and their users need to be directed over the line with understanding and care. Until it happens, flash video players remains the best way of catering to a wider audience, without missing out on the incredible functionality and features of newer technologies.

Like in any such process, Internet users can currently be found on both sides of the line. Some of them have stayed behind willingly, while others simply cannot wrap their heads around the progress. Either way, flash video fallback offers them an opportunity to enjoy content that was made using technology that their browsers have not yet incorporated. Even users who still browse the web with older versions Internet Explorer can be included that way and nobody is left behind.

Clearly, flash fallback is an amazing feature from the point of view of Internet users and website owners also get a chance of utilizing the latest technology with no limitations. However, there is still the part of actually setting up that function to be handled by web designers, which could involve a steep learning curve for them.

Fortunately, HTML5 code is very flexible and easily adjustable to the whims of both content publishers and developers. There are detailed tutorials available online for the purpose of learning about creating a cross-browser HTML5 video with flash or Silverlight fall-back. It is a good way for web designers to explore the process from within, but if all you need is to set up the Flash fallback function and not worry about the details, what you need is a specialized firefox html5 video converter that asks what you need and gets the thing done!

If all you really need is a stable application that will help you create a html5 video with flash player fallback and post it online, Easy HTML5 Video is a good example of what you are looking for.


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