Video generated with swf html5 video converter doesn't play on iPhone

Q: I purchased your EasyHTML5Video and and very happy with it.
I have a strange problem... Video generated with your software plays great on computer (all browsers), laptop and iPad, but not on iPhone...
What can be the reason of problem?

A: Notice that EasyHTML5Video supports iPhone 3+. So, if you have older version of iPhone, video will not play.
Also, maximal resolution for iPhone (and Android smartphones) is 640x480px. So, if your video has too big resolution, it'll not play. It's not a bug or problem of EasyHTML5Video app. It's hardware restriction of smartphones.


  1. Steve Q | March 16, 2013

    Sorry I response to this does the html5 converter create a copy of the clip at this resolution as one of the options?

  2. EasyHTML5Video | March 27, 2013

    Steve Q,

    Algorithm of EasyHTML5Video was improved. Now you can set any resolution for your video. Video for computers and laptops will have resolution that you set and software will generate separate file (.mp4) for portable devices with required resolution (not more than 640x480 px).


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