Twitter Bootstrap Theme Review

Nowadays, building a responsive web page that caters to both mobile users and desktop users is key. More than ever, there are great tools out there that even non-technical people can use to build a stunning front-end web presence. Mobirise Drag and Drop Website Builder is one of these advanced site-building tools, and it’s actually completely free to use—both for personal and commercial use.

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Within minutes, you can build your own website with no coding experience whatsoever. The interface is super easy to use and it’s an offline app, so it will even work if you have no network connection. All you need is a host, and you can upload your finished site within minutes of making it.

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Bootstrap 4 Basis

Since it is based on Bootstrap 4, it already has a foundation that you might be familiar with. This makes it an extremely powerful application with tons of features. Just like bootstrap, it can be used to build many different kinds of landing pages, promotional sites, or even the regular front-end to your business website.

How to use

The Mobirise website builder is extremely easy to use. If you can drag and drop items on your screen to build an attractive website, even with no prior experience in web design. Basically, it works by giving you the option to have several different kinds of website blocks, which you can choose to drop into your template.

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For instance, if you use one of their gallery or slider blocks, you can populate a section with photos or thumbnails. They also offer blocks for forms, menus, articles, and all the other elements that make up a useful website.

Now, you might be asking yourself: What’s the catch? Well, Mobirise also has themes that you can use for your site, and not all of them are free bootstrap templates. However, they are well worth the price because they can give your website an extremely professional touch. Let’s take a look at one of their nicest themes, the AgencyM4 Twitter Bootstrap Theme:

Modernity of features

Mobirise and the AgencyM4 Twitter Bootstrap Theme are extremely modern. Most corporate websites these days have a few features in common. For one, they are mobile friendly. In addition, they tend to be laid out in a cascading array of elements, each of them swipe-able.

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For example, on the same page, the user may find a blurb about company history, then if the user swipes down, he may find a blurb with customer testimonials. This is the kind of efficient style that you can achieve with Mobirise Free Website Builder, and that AgencyM4 is fully adapted for.


The key is that it caters to users on a diverse number of devices, which is essential in today’s world. With all of the different operating systems that people are using, platform independence is one of Mobirise’s best features. It is extremely mobile-friendly and your website seamlessly adapts to whatever screen the user happens to be using.

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This saves you the time and money that it would take to make a traditional website more responsive. Why hire a designer when you can use AgencyM4 on Mobirise and make a great-looking site for a fraction of the cost? Best of all, you have complete control over the final look, which is difficult to do when you’re directing someone else.

Having said all that, let’s take a closer look at Mobirise and AgencyM4’s pros and cons:


  • It’s extremely easy to use. In fact, all you need is a computer and a mouse and you can start moving blocks onto your template. Building a website is completely visual and they have a “what you see is what you get” kind of interface. You have limited control over the way the blocks look, but that’s part of what makes it so simple.
  • The AgencyM4 Free Bootstrap Theme in particular comes with everything that you need for a business website. You can change things on the fly and there are countless ways to customize the site to make it unique without having to code a single line.
  • It’s fast. Since all of the work has already been done for you, it takes only minutes to build the perfect site for your organization using AgencyM4.
  • It’s inexpensive. As we already mentioned, you save a lot compared to outsourcing your web design. With Mobirise, the elements are already pre-designed and you simply shift them around, so building your site takes a lot less labor.
  • Your site will still be unique-looking, since there are tons of blocks that you can use, and you can rearrange them in many different ways.
  • The software is offline. This lets you work on your website even if you don’t have network access, and you can also save it on your local machine.
  • Good customer service. One of the nice aspects Mobirise is that they don’t leave you high and dry. You can look through a lot of documentation and tutorials, and if you still have questions, you can simply use the “Help Me!” menu.
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  • There are some limits to what you can do without the code editor. Of course, this is a feature of Mobirise’s simplicity. It may be too simple for people who like to customize every little aspect of their website.
  • Though the base software is free, the code editor and any Twitter Bootstrap Theme except for PurityM costs extra to use. This means that AgencyM4 costs money, though it really isn’t that much, especially when you consider the kinds of modern features that you get with it.
  • You need your own host, as there is no hosting available through Mobirise. This does give you a lot more control, though.


While it has both good and bad points, overall Mobirise’s AgencyM4 Twitter Bootstrap Theme is perfect for people who want to build a solid website for their business, but don’t know where to start. If you find even Wordpress to be too cumbersome or complicated, or you just want a simple, offline solution, give Mobirise a try. If you get the AgencyM4 Twitter Bootstrap Theme, it will allow you to make a very modern and attractive website with its diverse elements.

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